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Moston Metalurji Ltd. Şti

About Us

At Moston, we can trace our roots back to 1969, when we began production of pig iron and steel casting in Gebze, Kocaeli- Turkey. Since 1988, Moston has been producing non-ferrous cast productmoston abouts. Over thirty five years of history have led to today’s high standard of excellence. Our experienced and knowledgeable team continually refines the process, always pushing toward even greater improvements.

Moston has become a market leader through a very simple strategy; we let our customers do the talking. Our entire staff - metallurgists, chemists, sales engineers - responds to our customers’ needs. Our organization has grown up around a customer-centric environment, where listening to our customer is the first step in fulfilling an order. Qualified inside technical sales representatives are assigned to personally oversee your account. An on-site Quality Control Lab assures that no product leaves our production facility until it meets or exceeds your exacting standards. We continue to build long term relationships with our customers, many of whom know our team members on a first-name basis. Moston’s market position is built upon strength and stability. With a sharp focus on evolving technologies, quality control and a high level of customer service. Moston continues to excel in the manufacturing of quality-crafted casting for today’s demanding market.

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