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Moston Metalurji Ltd. Şti

Centrifugal Castings

Moston, Ltd. was founded in 1988 to supply the needs of customers for solid bars an tubes in Bronze. Our first customer required 900 pcs, 140mm. diameter castings and upon completion of this order, we were in business. The castings were centrifugally cast, cleaned, cut to length, and delivered by the owners. This attention to detail and awareness of our customers' needs is the basis of our business today, just as it was then. From this humble start, we have grown to be a significant force in supplying quality centrifugal castings to many major markets. These operations include rough and tight-tolerance finish machining. Our fully equipped lab provides full metallurgical services. Our commonly produced alloys can meet your specific design requirements in copper alloys.

Casting Capabilities:

Horizontal Centrifugal Castings to 500mm diameter and 600mm long
Horizontal Centrifugal Castings to 1500mm diameter and 250mm long

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